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Ion Nitriding Equipment Factory - Our Team

The specialists of IONITECH Ltd will be glad to assist you any time.

Our great experience in the field of Plasma Nitriding & Nitrocarburising can help you solve any related problem.

Ion Nitriding Equipment Factory - Our Team


Ion Nitriding Equipment Factory - Our Team

Ion Nitriding Equipment Factory - Our Team

Ion Nitriding Equipment Factory - Our Team

IONITECH LTD is a private company, established in 2003. It manufactures ion nitriding and carbonitriding installations as well as degreasing installations. It develops new technologies and equipment for thermochemical treatments and deals with service and modernisation. Alexander Varhoshkov, Yovcho Stoyanov and Edward Varhoshkov are the owners of the company.

Dr. Alexander Varhoshkov graduated from the Chemicotechnological and Metallurgical University - Sofia. He began his carrier in ion nitriding in 1975. He was the managing director of MP EFTTOM-ION, an enterprise owned by the Technical University - Sofia, from the time of its establishment in 1985 till 2002. He has published his works in Bulgarian and foreign magazines. He has a number of authorship certificates about ion nitriding.

Yovcho Stoyanov is the owner of DIGICON LTD, manufacturing digital control systems.

Eng. Edward Varhoshkov graduated from the Technical University - Sofia, where he studied ion nitriding. He worked in MP EFTTOM-ION of the Technical University - Sofia, from 1988 till 2004. During the last two years he was its managing director.

Main partners of IONITECH LTD are VACUUMTHERM 2000 LTD and SILEK LTD.

From the time of its establishment, IONITECH LTD has sold  27 ion nitriding and carbonitriding installations in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, India, Indonesia, Singapore,Mexico,Serbia, Kazahstan and Macedonia.

"I want to thank all our customers, partners, suppliers and representatives, all those who benefit the successful business of our company. The future of the thermochemical treatment lies in the field of new technologies like ion nitriding and carbonitriding.  I believe that we will benefit from our business cooperation." 

Sincerely Yours,

Alexander Varhoshkov



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