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Dr. Alexander Varhoshkov's statement

ion plasma nitriding  


To lead a company like Ionitech ltd. is a pleasure. To have partners
like the excellent specialists eng. Yovcho Stoianov and eng. Konstantin
Popov is a luck. To work with specialists who can hold the initiative in their
hands without the necessity to constantly supervise them because you are
sure all will be done perfectly well is more than just luck.
I would like to thank sincerely all our partners, clients, suppliers,
representatives and everyone without whom the business of our
company wouldn’t be such a success.
The future of thermal and chemic-thermal processing of materials
lies in the implementation of new technologies like the ion nitriding and
nitrocarburising. That’s the reason I am confident in the upcoming
success of our company.

Yours truthfully,
Alexander Varhoshkov


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