Ionitech's Double-Chamber System for no loss in technological time

The advantage of Ionitech's double-chamber Plasma Nitriding system is that there is no loss in technological time - waiting for the plasma nitrided parts to cool down to a suitable temperature before opening the chamber and loading the new batch.
Ionitech's Plasma Nitriding Double-Chamber system for no loss in technological time
While the parts in chamber 1 are being treated, new batch of parts could be prepared and loaded in chamber 2. When the process in chamber 1 finishes, chamber 2 could start its heating steps. This way several hours are saved when nitiding many batches of parts.
  • The two chambers are controlled by one electrical cabinet;
  • The two chambers could be with different working dimensions.
Ionitech's Double-Chamber System could be constructed for both Hot-Wall and Cold-Wall type furnaces.
Ionitech Ltd. is a private company for Plasma (Ion) Nitriding equipment that was established in 2003, but started its activity, research and development of its technology many years before that, improving them every day.
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