Plasma Nitriding - the most advanced case-hardening technology today

Nitriding in pulse glowing discharge (PLASMA nitriding) is an efficient method to increase hardness and wear-resistance of metals and alloys. Basic technological advantage of the method is the low temperature at which the process takes place resulting in negligible volume deformations.
Plasma nitriding is a method with vast technological possibilities, suitable for treating parts with very complex shapes and geometries.
Diffusion layers of desired structure can be obtained, i.e. the diffusion saturation process is controllable and can be optimized to comply with the particular requirements to the layer qualities. The achieved nitride zones are dense and solidly connected with the base metal.
Plasma Nitriding is also capable of treating parts of Stainless Steel without the necessity of a predepasivation process. The treatment could also be carried out so that it could preserve the corrosion resistance of the steel.

Our Technology and Solutions

Based on Your Requirements.

Hot-Wall Plasma Nitriding Equipment - Ionitech
Our Hot-Wall Plasma Nitriding Equipment meets the highest standarts including the Aerospace industry ones. Excellent temperature uniformity.
Cold-Wall Plasma Nitriding Equipment - Ionitech
Our Cold-Wall Plasma Nitriding Equipment is especially suitable for nitriding similar in shape and size batches of parts in serial production.
Plasma Nitriding - Ionitech
Ionitech Ltd. also provides Services of Plasma Nitriding for the best case hardening, based on our more than 40 years of experience.
Full-time support for our Plasma Nitriding equipment - Ionitech
Ionitech Ltd. offers Full-Time Support for our equipment and Know-How in the technology of Plasma Nitriding processes.

The Process of Ion Nitriding

Ionitech's Plasma Nitriding Equipment

Ionitech Ltd. is an established and recognized brand in the world market of Plasma Nitriding Equipment manufacturing, and offers great quality, excellent control and know-how in search for the best possible results for our clients.

Our Plasma (Ion) Nitriding equipment offers repeatable results, absolutely user-friendly control and is extremely reliable.

Process and Advantages

Typical feature of plasma nitriding is the active participation of the treated parts in the glow discharge - the parts act as a cathode, while the chamber acts as an anode. There are many advantages of this method over conventional gas nitriding.

Solutions and Results

Many parts and tools of all industries are subject to plasma nitriding and nitrocarburising. Different examples demonstrate how plasma nitriding and nitrocarburising solve tough tasks.

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Ionitech Ltd. is a private company for Plasma (Ion) Nitriding equipment that was established in 2003, but started its activity, research and development of its technology many years before that, improving them every day
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