Parts in the Extrusion Industry:

  • Extrusion Dies for Cold, Warm and Hot Extrusion
  • Punches (Impact extrusion)
  • Shear blades

Requirements for the parts:

  • For high Hardness
  • For high Wear resistance
  • For high Fatigue strength
  • For Plastic deformation resistance
  • For Thermal fatigue resistance

Ion Nitriding Solutions:

  • Significantly increasing the surface hardness, wear (abrasive and adhesive) resistance and fatigue life of the tools, improving their lifespan and performance.
  • Improving the thermal fatigue resistance of the tools.
  • Reducing the friction coefficient.
  • Increasing the corrosion resistance which is needed if the die sets are working in environments with moisture or corrosive substances.

Improving these parameters will save from downtime and maintenance costs.

Steel Grades Used:

  • Hardness and depth values are recommended for the industry and exact values will depend on the nitriding process parameters.
  • This is not a full list of used steel grades
  • Example of H13 tool steel after Ion Nitriding - surface hardness and diffusion depth

Improving the Metal Extrusion Tools with Ion Nitriding

Ionitech Ltd.

Ionitech Ltd. is a private company for Plasma (Ion) Nitriding equipment that was established in 2003, but started its activity, research and development of its technology many years before that, improving them every day.

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