Ionitech’s Hot-Wall plasma nitriding and low temperature nitrocarburising equipment

In the Hot-Wall type plasma nitriding installations, the heating of the parts in the vacuum chamber is done by both heaters and pulsed plasma. This type of installations are especially suitable for nitriding different shaped and sized parts in one batch. The main advantages of this type of equipment are:

•    The installations fully comply with the AEROSPACE MATERIAL SPECIFICATION - AMS 2759/8A
•    Can plasma nitride parts for the aerospace industries
•    Absolute temperature uniformity in all parts
•    The chambers could be equipped with their own lifting mechanism
•    No water cooling of the vacuum chamber

The vacuum chambers are manufactured from stainless steel. Depending on their size they have 2 or 3 separate zones of heating and cooling. The parts are loaded on metal plates. These plates lie on support insulators, and are connected to cathode of the plasma generator. The process of plasma nitriding could be viewed through a sight glass. The temperature during the process is measured directly in the parts using one or two thermocouples K-type.

The plasma generator and its defense mechanism - a power transformer, a three phase thyristor rectifier, a power choke, a power IGBT switch and a number of circuit breakers, filters and contactors, assembled for different supply voltages and mains frequencies. They are mounted in metal cabinet IP 54 that is cooled with and air conditioning.

The gas vacuum system evacuates the chambers and fills them with treatment gases. It includes a vacuum pump, electro-pneumatic and electromagnetic valves, reducing valves with filters and manometers, mass flow controllers, gas mixer, manual valves, two absolute pressure gauges and vacuum connections.

The pressure gauges are mounted on the chambers bodies. The rest of the components are placed in a ventilated metal enclosure IP54. The process is carried out with a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen. Propane or natural gas are used for nitrocarburising. After the end of the treatment, the chambers can be filled with argon for accelerated cooling. Pressed air is used for the operation of the electro-pneumatic valves.

PC Control Panel - Absolutely User-Friendly and Full Control of the Process

The control system consists of a PC controller, main system controller and subsystems (transmitters and drivers) that are connected in a communication network. The Panel PC is equiped with a 15” touchscreen display and uses Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system.

The technological process is completely automatic. All of the main parameters are controlled by the system controller:

•    Pressure in the working chamber
•    Temperature of the processed parts
•    Heat rate
•    Ratio and consumption of working gases
•    Process time length
•    Pulsed Plasma Current
•    Frequency of pulses
•    Duty-cycle of pulses
•    Temperature of cooling water

Specifically designed application, called IonView, implements the operator interface of the ion nitriding installation. It has the following capabilities:

•    Visualization of the technological process parameters
•    Review and editing of technological programs, even while the installation is working
•    Archive of the technological processes
•    Remote access to the archive
•    Visualization of the installation alarms
•    Alarm notification through e-mail and sms
•    Possibility to send process data to Ionitech as attached zip-file through email.

Ionitech Ltd. offers the following Hot-Wall plasma nitriding models:

Installation, model

Working volume, mm, Ø x h

Heating and cooling zones

Max. weight of loaded parts, kg


500 х 600




500 x 800




750 х 800




750 х 1200




1000 x 1200




1000 x 1500




1300 x 1500




1500 x 1500




1500 x 2000



•    Input voltage: 3x400V( 480V ) +10%/-15%, 50Hz ( 60 Hz )
•    All installation models could be equipped with two chambers working separately - learn more about Ionitech's Double-Chamber System for no loss in technological time
•    Working gases: ammonia, nitrogen, hydrogen, propane, methane
•    Cooling gases: nitrogen, argon
•    Working pressure: 1 - 8 mbar
•    Time for manufacturing 4 - 6 months (depending on the model).

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