Plasma Nitriding Services Performed in Ionitech's Chambers

Ionitech Ltd. has its own plasma nitriding units and provides services of plasma nitriding, plasma nitrocarburising and post-oxidation using our more than 40 years of experience to achieve the best results. Upon client's desire we make metallographic test reports containing information about the process, the surface hardness of the steel, microhardness in depth (diffusion depth) and metallographic studies of the nitrided layer.

Ionitech's Plasma Nitriding

Ion (Plasma) Nitriding is a diffusion process of nitrogen into the steel, that is used to improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, fatigue life, corrosion resistance of parts made of steel, cast iron, titanium and aluminum alloys, sintered materials, etc.
Plasma nitriding is a is a heat-treatment with vast technological possibilities, suitable for treating parts with very complex shapes and geometries.

Diffusion layers of desired structure can be obtained, i.e. the diffusion saturation process is controllable and can be optimized to comply with the particular requirements for the layer qualities. The achieved nitride zones are dense and solidly connected with the base metal.

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Ionitech's Ferritic Nitrocarburising

Ion (Plasma) nitrocarburising is a heat-treatment, similar to Plasma Nitriding, but a small percentage of an additional gas is added in the the vacuum chamber during the process. This gas is a carbon containing one, that helps for the formation of a bigger compound (white) layer, that is formed on top of the diffusion zone.
This type of heat-treatmet is performed in the ferritic zone and there is no danger that distortions might happen in the part.
Plasma Nitrocarburising or Ferritic Plasma Nitrocarburising is usually used to treat steel grades that have less alloying elements so that a larger white layer could be formed and a larger surface hardness could be achieved.

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Ionitech's Post-Oxidation

After Plasma Nitriding/Nitrocarburising a following process can be performed in our chambers - Post-Oxidation process. This treatment increases the corrosion resistance of the parts many times and lowers their coefficient of friction.
Post-Oxidation forms a uniform layer on top of the part of about 2-3 microns of thickness (completely magnetite phase - Fe3O4), and gives a black stylish colour.

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Plasma nitriding of stainless steel - PlaSSteel by Ionitech

Plasma Nitriding is also capable of treating parts of Stainless Steel without the necessity of a predepassivation process. The treatment could also be carried out so that it could preserve the corrosion resistance of the steel.
Ionitech has developed a special technology for treatment of all types of stainless steel grades (ferritic, martensitic, austenitic, duplex). PlaSSteel increases the surface hardness and wear resistance of the steel and in the same time completely eliminates the pitting corrosion possibility, to which the stainless steel grades are very susceptible.

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Ionitech Ltd.

Ionitech Ltd. is a private company for Plasma (Ion) Nitriding equipment that was established in 2003, but started its activity, research and development of its technology many years before that, improving them every day.

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