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Ion Nitriding SolutionsPlasma / Ion nitriding technology for best coating

Nitriding in pulse glowing discharge (PLASMA nitriding) is an efficient method to increase hardness and wear-resistance of metals and alloys. Basic technological advantage of the method is the low temperature at which the process takes place resulting in partly volume deformations.  more

Ion Nitriding EquipmentIon nitriding equipment to perfectly suit your needs

IONITECH Ltd. offers 14 standard dimensions of vacuum chambers with 20, 25, 50, 75,100, 150, 200, 300kW pulse power supply. We can make your equipment with one or two working chambers. If you need something really special, our engineers will develop and we will manufacture the plasma nitriding equipment exactly matching your needs.  more

Where Knowledge OriginatesDr. Alexander Varhoshkov

He knows everything about ion nitriding.
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ion plasma nitriding furnace


Plasma (Ion) Nitriding,
Low Temperature Nitrocarburising,
Ion Oxidation, Degreasing

Characteristic for plasma nitriding of materials is the active participation of these materials in glow discharge ...



ion plasma nitriding equipment


Our products cover all stages of the technological process.

The range of our products includes installations for ion nitriding & low temperature ion nitrocarburising, installations for degreasing, etc.


ion plasma nitriding factory


Heat treatment plants, Automobile, Aircraft, Machine-building, Aluminum and many others

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